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News From Our Alumni:


Why pursue an EMBA as a doctor or health professional? — Interview with Dr. Vanessa Kraege

10 May, 2023

To answer the question why an Executive MBA has become an essential resource for medical doctors and health professionals, we sat down with Dr. Vanessa Kraege, recently appointed Deputy Chief Medical Officer at CHUV (Lausanne University Hospital), who completed an EMBA with a focus on Healthcare Management at HEC Lausanne. She shares her personal experience and insights into how the program has impacted her career and leadership, and herself. 

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Alumna & MedTech Entrepreneur Wins Award for Tackling Startup Challenges

23 Feb, 2023

Here is the kind of story we like at HEC Lausanne Executive MBA, when entrepreneurs and professionals manage to have a positive impact on their company and industry as part of their training and individual projects. That's why every year a prize is awarded to the participant who presented the most impactful  Strategy Consulting Project (SCP). This year the prize was awarded to Nathalie Brandenberg who, despite her busy entrepreneurial life, was kind enough to answer our questions and share her experience.

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Achieving Excellence: Insights from our EMBA Top Grade Award Winner

17 Jan, 2023

We've previously discussed the qualities and requirements of an Executive MBA student, but we haven't explored what it takes to be "The best Executive MBA student". To answer this question we interviewed our 2022 Best Average Grade Award winner, Zsombor Szirmai. 

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What’s the Executive MBA's impact on your professional and personal life?

17 Nov, 2022

There are several ways to evaluate the impact of an Executive MBA on one’s life. In contrast to traditional rankings, this article seeks to highlight the non-quantifiable effects of our programme on one’s career and private life. We recently shared our significant progression in the Financial Times 2022  EMBA ranking. In  FT’s rating as in many others, the effects of an Executive MBA  are mainly measured quantitatively (i.e. Salary Increase). When qualitative methods are used, they tend to solely focus on the professional life of the participants In contrast to these methods, our latest Alumni community event aimed to showcase all the potential benefits of an EMBA on one's life (professional and personal). Therefore, we invited three Alumni with a singular journey to gain a qualitative understanding of the programme's impact on their careers and private life. The dozens of guests in the audience were also keen to emphasise how the EMBA has made them better leaders and individuals

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And the Award goes to… François Ventura! Strategy Consulting Project and Abionic: a perfect Executive MBA story!

12 Jan, 2022

On the 10th of December 2021, during the Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony, François won the Strategy & Sustainability Award for his Strategy Consulting Project. François’ story and his SCP represent very well what an Executive MBA at HEC Lausanne stands for. We had a little chat with  him to learn more about his Award-winning SCP Project.

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Happy Holidays from the Executive MBA!

24 Dec, 2021

As the Season approaches, we take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays!

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Well done Class of 2021! Congratulations!

21 Dec, 2021

Last Friday 17th December 2021, Class of 2021 celebrated its Graduation! A well deserved ceremony, for a well deserved diploma!

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Congratulations (again) Class of 2020! This time…in person!

15 Dec, 2021

After an e-graduation, on the 10th of December 2021, Class of 2020 celebrates its graduation with a well deserved and symbolic graduation on campus!

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Executive MBA Homecoming 2021- Welcome back Alumni!

17 Nov, 2021

After one year break, the annual Alumni Homecoming was back and took place on Saturday, November 13th 2021 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne!

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How can you have more impact at work? Can you lead a more fulfilling life?

25 May, 2021

The 5 Levers to have Meaningful Work, according to Executive MBA’s Alumna Maria Zarraga.

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Congratulations to our Class of 2020!

05 Mar, 2021

It has surely been a difficult year and a half for our Class of 2020 students, not only because doing an Executive MBA is already a challenging experience but also because, as we know, this year has been a crazy year for all of us.

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A Swiss start-up- born at HEC created by EMBA alumni

28 May, 2020

Brillens Medical is a start-up created by four alumni of the Executive MBA at HEC Lausanne. Thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, the company originally targeting the eyewear market, is now actively involved in the fight against COVID-19 in Switzerland.  

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Vifor Pharma Visit - 6 June 2019 - Executive MBA HEC Lausanne

05 Jul, 2019

Last June, part of Class of 2019 attended a visit to Vifor Ltd. in Villars-sur-Glâne, Fribourg. After a warm welcome, Site Head Mr Yvan Liard held a brief presentation, summarised in the video below, of the global pharmaceutical Vifor Pharma Group, headquartered in Switzerland.

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Uetliberg Family Hike – 13 July 2019 - Executive MBA HEC Lausanne

03 Jul, 2019

Connect with your Zürich/Basel EMBA community! Next 13 July, the Zürich and Basel Alumni Chapters are coming together to organise a hiking trip to Uetliberg along the Planet Trail. Family and friends are welcome to join, meeting is at 10am in the Zürich Hauptbahnhof (under the Blue Angel). The 2-hour hike is easy and will be followed by a picnic or lunch in a restaurant!

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Alumni Homecoming - 2 November 2019 - Executive MBA HEC Lausanne

07 Jun, 2019

  The annual Alumni Homecoming event is taking place on Saturday, November 2nd 2019 @ The Olympic Museum! The HEC Lausanne Executive MBA programme and the MBA-HEC Alumni Association are teaming up once again to offer you a festive and fun evening. Registrations are now open until October 21st, 2019. 

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Paddle for Cancer - 1 September 2019 - Executive MBA HEC Lausanne

03 May, 2019


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Paintball Event - 26 April 2019 - Executive MBA HEC Lausanne

13 Mar, 2019

  Mission Cobalt Classic Afterworks is on! The Alumni Association is organising the annual Paintball outing which is a great opportunity for Alumni to have fun while catching up with their peers and meeting participants from other classes.

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Catching up with Emanuelle Lambert (2017) - Executive MBA HEC Lausanne

07 Mar, 2019

It has been over a year since you graduated... how do feel about the HEC Lausanne Executive MBA looking back? I keep wonderful memories about the programme and like to talk about it a lot! What I still remind myself every now and then is that what matters to move forward is not to know everything but to know how to ask the right question to the right person. I learnt so much personally and professionally, I am really grateful for this experience.

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Events February / March 2019 - Executive MBA HEC Lausanne

31 Jan, 2019

Fulfil your highest potential with our HEC Lausanne Executive MBA! Admissions are ongoing for our next intake starting on August 26th, 2019. Will this be the right year for you to pursue new opportunities?

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Alumni Homecoming - 10 November 2018 - Executive MBA HEC Lausanne

13 Nov, 2018

The annual HEC Lausanne EMBA Alumni Homecoming event took place on November 10th 2018, at the Casino de Morges. The programme and the Alumni Association teamed up again to offer the community a second edition of flashbacks, fun moments with old friends and networking opportunities. We welcomed around 100 Alumni and Students (20%), representing almost all classes since the beginning of the Executive MBA back in 2006!

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