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Well done Class of 2021! Congratulations!

Well done Class of 2021! Congratulations!

Well done Class of 2021! Congratulations! - featured image

Last Friday 17th December 2021, Class of 2021 celebrated its Graduation! A well deserved ceremony, for a well deserved diploma!

Time flyes they say… Already 16 months ago, Class of 2021 started a journey that would change they’re life and career forever. Their Executive MBA had just started and since the very beginning one could already see some friendships and some precious professional bonds being created.

After a successful curriculum made of projects, courses, exams, evening zoom calls, busy weekends and a lot – and when we say a lot, we mean a loooot – of hard work, our participants have finally received their degree in hand last 17th December 2021!

The Strategy & Sustainabilty Award went to Mia Galic for her Strategy Consulting Project with the strongest positive impact on sustainability. The Award for Best Grade Executive MBA Student went to Gaëtan Rivet.

The ceremony has been introduced by Academic Director Jeffrey Petty with discourses by HEC Lausanne Dean Marianne Schmid Mast and Mrs Honey Taljieh, Corporate Communication Manager at FIFA, Founder of Women's Football in Palestine.

Congratulations Class of 2021, congratulations to all of you…we know that wasn’t easy!










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