Vifor Pharma Visit


Last June, part of Class of 2019 attended a visit to Vifor Ltd. in Villars-sur-Glâne, Fribourg. After a warm welcome, Site Head Mr Yvan Liard held a brief presentation, summarised in the video below, of the global pharmaceutical Vifor Pharma Group, headquartered in Switzerland.


Participants were then divided into two groups to visit the production area and laboratories learning about the industrial processes, basic regulation principles and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

The visit was concluded by Project Manager, Mr Sébastien Gonzalez,  with the presentation of the innovative Augmented Reality Hololens glasses for which the company won a Pharma 4.0 Award in 2018. These glasses are used to replace printed manuals  prone to errors and turn any task into a 'dynamic multi-user workflow that adapts continuously to real-life operations as each task is completed' (PR Newswire, 2018). Julien Rousset, Key Account Manager at Vifor Ltd. and EMBA participant, highlights that applying such a technology in operations allowed to increase productivity by up to 45%.

A special thank you to Julien for organising and hosting the visit!

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