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It’s back-to-school time! A warm welcome to the EMBA Class of 2022!

It’s back-to-school time! A warm welcome to the EMBA Class of 2022!

It’s back-to-school time! A warm welcome to the EMBA Class of 2022! - featured image

It’s been more than two weeks into the Executive MBA programme for our Class of 2022 and things could not be better!

After a first full-time week, our new participants have come back to the regular Executive MBA rhythm with classes every two weeks. The introduction to the programme might have been a bit of a shock for some of the participants as the comeback to University is not always of the easiest! After all, one must get used to sit in a classroom again, read research articles, discover where the closest cafeteria is and meet new classmates… but our participants got used to the “almost” students life and spirit in literally no time!

But not all the glitters is gold! In addition to the pleasures of a student life, it has also been an intense week in terms of work since the participants worked on their Strategy & Sustainabilty Project - and it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park!

 Here’s a glimpse of the Introduction Week at the Executive MBA programme at HEC Lausanne.

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This year’s class is composed of 47 people, all coming from different sectors and organizations, from pharmaceutical companies to finance or technology firms. The 70% of the participants are internationals and come from a Educational Background in Engineering or in Science & Natural Sciences, whereas the 53% has more than 15-20 years of work experience.

 Focus Area 



 Educational Background






 Work Experience 









*Statistics: Class of 2022

As always, we try to compose an interesting and heterogenous class where every participant can bring its own personal or professional experience on the table. This diversity is what makes our programme so rich and qualitative. After all, it’s in the best possible environment that grow the best ideas.

Good luck Class of 2022 and welcome to the Executive MBA family!

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