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Welcome Class of 2023 - Let's the inspiring journey begin!

Welcome Class of 2023 - Let's the inspiring journey begin!

Welcome Class of 2023 - Let's the inspiring journey begin! - featured image

The quality of an Executive MBA programme lies in its curriculum, the professors, the network, the institution's reputation,... but also the quality and diversity of its participants.

Last week, we welcomed the inspiring class of 2023. Once again we are honoured to onboard a team of diverse, talented and ambitious individuals.

They arrived on the campus on a sunny Monday morning and were warmly welcomed by the Executive MBA team. The class was invited on a tour of the university to discover the environment where they will spend 16 life-changing months. The newly arrived participants received all the information they will need to feel at home in our facilities before being guided to the Lausanne Palace for the Introductory Week.


In this majestic venue, the Executive MBA class of 2023 was introduced to their personal coaches and to the business case they will be working on for their first week. This concrete application of their knowledge will also serve as a pretext to introduce them to the essentials of teamwork, graphic facilitation and other skills they will continue to develop during the programme.


After three (intensive) days, our Class of 2023 presented their first assignment. To come up with implementable solutions for this year's introductory business case, they had to demonstrate creativity, analytical skills, critical mind and many other qualities. Our special guest, Jan Isler, Founder of One Action, and our experts were impressed by the quality and pertinence of the teams' recommendations. 

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The diversity of the individuals among the teams was at first a challenge but mainly a critical factor in the success of this first assignment. This year's class is composed of 35 professionals coming from many different industries including healthcare, banking, education, insurance and non-profit. They benefit from an average of 15 years of experience. 

During the programme, the participants will learn to collaborate with people from different professional and educational backgrounds, and also different origins. Within the 35 selected candidates, 21 are international. 

At the HEC Lausanne Executive MBA, we do our best every year to have the most diverse and gender-balanced selection. This year we welcome 16 (46%) talented women to the programme.

Diversity is what makes our programme so enriching and qualitative.

Class of 2023, thank you for joining us!

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